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    Default Another Good Samaritan...

    Fellow Zombie Irv Jamison suprised me with a package containing 3 much-needed BBs & an awesome crankset!
    Practically had to twist his arm to get him to take any payment at all. We corresponded a coupla times, & each
    time, I'd ask him how much I owed, & each time, he seemed to mysteriously "forget" that particular detail.

    Finally managed to drag a (very reasonable) figure out of him, & fired off a check.

    This crankset is just a gorgeous piece of hardware, & with 24-32-38 chainrings, it's nice & small, just PERFECT
    for me, as I usually prefer lower gearing. It's gonna be particularly handy for the DeltaRunner, since I plan to build
    it pretty much per the plans, with those big 26s all around, so I'll definitely need those low gears!

    Now I have enough BBs & cranksets for mine & Big-J's DeltaRunners later this year,
    plus a couple other projects as well! Thanx again, Irv! U ROCK!

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