Hi. My name is Robert. Been in Vegas for just over 5 yrs. Born and raised in Texas, Gulf Coast area. I was searching for some type of plan or site with plans some time ago when I found this forum. I've been visiting for almost a year now and believe this to be my best bet for my "FIX"
I've been building and modifying things since I was a baby. I had no idea when I welded 2 bikes together and put a chair on it what I was doing, but I loved that bike and rode it for over a year. Then I bought a car since I couldn't ride my bike to my new job. I've been building ideas in my mind since and that was over 20 years ago.
Now I see that what I did was only what so many others have been doing for a long time. I also see that many of my ides have been perfected and now I have a place to see them.
I intend to purchase several of these plans and put them into motion for my self. I have a large collection of materials at this time and look forward to learning more about this hobby. i enjoy building and working with my hands when time allows and have just recently built a SWB and am loving it. taking my second long ride tomorrow up to Red Rock Park not far from my home here on the west side of Las Vegas. Planning a Trike build and a hauler later as we like to travel and sometimes a car/SUV won't get us to where we want to go or we just want a different way of looking at the world.
Looking forward to what this forum has to offer and hope to contribute as well. Thanks for the great site and Happy Easter to all.