A few months ago, I bought a Diamondback Kalimar for my daily 2 mile commute to work, and actually ride it another 15 to 20 miles every weekend. Friends have accused me of doing this for health and economy, but the truth is I just like riding it! This re-awakened an old interest in bicycles from when I was much younger, and I decided to fix-up an old 12 speed that's been rusting away in my back yard. While searching online for parts, I came across Atomic Zombie and became so taken with the website that I bought the book. I have always enjoyed hacking and making things from computers to stick and tissue airplanes, and this adds a whole new dimension to my hobby. Most recently, I made a set of panniers for my Kalamar out of some discarded black nylon power point projector cases, and a hitch I plan to use to tow home project bikes as I find them at yard sales and the local thrift shops, (yes, I have a car but I don't offhand know where it is right now. I use a motorcycle for trips longer than I want to make on the bike).
I'm already thinking about two projects, a Dutch style cargo bike, and a bike specifically for riding in the many washes around Phoenix (with cast-iron tires).
I love the imagination, creativity and planning I see everyone puts into their creations here. It's a genuine source of information and inspiration and for that I thank you all!