I got to build again. After my first test ride, I have a few things to modify. However, I think this will be a keeper. It is more comfortable than a lowracer, but more agile than a standard trike. Overall, I like it. Can't wait to do all the adjustments needed and to hit the roads with this little bug.

I followed 25Hz's Black max design pretty closely (see http://www.fleettrikes.com/) , though I included the Tomahawk front, with an extensible boom, pretty similar to what Peter did on his Tomahawk. I also made the wheel base much shorter, and the track a little wider, since I am not going to race on it (other than smoking a few roadies here and there). Lastly, I used Savarin's idea for the seat. Quite comfy Savarin, thanks for the tip!

Here are the pictures of the project:

If they don't work, let me know

BTW: The name Tachyon, is the name of a theoretical subatomic particle, that travels faster than the speed of light.

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