Hi everyone. I'll be 50 this year and have been a keen rider of a store-bought SWB bent for quite some time. A few years ago, I received a copy of Atomic Zombie's Bicycle Builder's Bonanza as a Christmas present and ever since then I've been drooling over the projects, particularly the Marauder.

After checking out the new design plans for the suspended Marauder, I just knew I couldn't ignore the voices in my head any longer.

But I am an absolute 100% newbie at homebuilt bike projects though. As I live in a small apartment unit surrounded by nice elderly neighbours, there's no chance of ever setting up a metalworking room anytime soon. Therefore, no power tools for me. No angle grinders, drills nor welding machines. Not even an innocent little oxyacetylene torch.

After many months of searching for a welder DIY type guy, I finally managed to convince this non-biker chap who owns a furniture repair workshop to at least look at the plans for heaven's sake. Silently, he stared long and hard at the pictures. Finally he looked up and agreed to give it a go. We sealed the deal at $250.00 being workmen charges for the entire project The raw material will be pruchased separately.

Today, he just ordered the square steel tubing (1.5" 1/16) which should be arriving next week. My new best friend/guru will arc weld, grind, drill and maybe do a little fabrication work for the dropouts and BB clamp. The seats and idlers are not included so I'll have to figure out something pretty soon.

For donor bikes, I only have a couple of 26" hardtail mountain bikes; thus the draft design plans will be for a non-suspended dual 26" Marauder.

Since a 26" front wheel will be used, the seat and BB bracket height will of course be taller. What then, would be the adjusted head tube angle as opposed to 58 degrees for the 20" wheel? Thanks very much for any information.