Since it's all of 92' out perfect time to get started on a SpinCycle. My 13 year old will be making this along with me. Need to pick up some steel. Called around and one dealer has: 1/8" thick 1 1/2" square tubing $1.58 foot, comes in 24 foot lengths. Said no charge for cutting, if wanted a bunch of little cuts that would be different.

If my calculation is right, 1/8" thick is 0.1250 and would close to 11 gauge. Is this way overkill and going to be too heavy?

I was thinking about getting a 24 foot cut in half to use on the Spincyle and finish my vise stand, and would be set for a trike build. FYI:I'd be considered a big boy, so strength is indeed welcome.

Since I have to work in the office tomorrow, figured could make it worth my while and pickup the steel & some Chinese take out as well.
Input needed,