I've got a couple....

First one is came home from the big box store getting materials for a house project and a house that is rented out had 3 bikes sitting on the curb for the trash man. Went back and got them. Sold one for $40 or $50...kept the others for chopping.

Second find isn't bicycle related, but yesterday I was planning on staying home and making my wife her birthday dinner (ice cream cake - has to re-freeze and took forever, but was YUMMY). Anyway, on the way to the store in a round-a-bout way, I went by a house...thought I saw a computer being thrown away. Turned around and sure enough, it was computer and a flat screen. Thought for a moment and grabbed the flat screen, rode home (.25 miles away) and then headed back for the computer. The flat screen works just fine and the computer boots up to Windows Vista, but needs a password.

Anyone else have good finds?