Now that we are living in the rugged country, I am finding the need to design the perfect electric minibike. I currently ride the E-Style BMX, but find that it lacks the power to handle our steep rolling hills and fields. The roads here are loose gravel and can have some serious washboards, which means suspension is a must.

As soon as I figure out where I am going to weld here, I will be working on "The Kodiak Electric Minibike (or trike)", and am just looking for ideas and suggestions for now.

My goal is a minibike with a range of at least 25 miles and a top speed of about 25 miles per hour, with massive hill climbing and off-road power. For an engine, I have settled on the PMG-132 running at 48 volts.

Option 1 - Classic 2 Wheel MiniBike...

As for size, I want something in the range of the classic Honda 50cc minibike with a seat large enough for two people.

I want to build from scratch, so I don't plan to convert an existing minibike frame. This means home brew suspension, or possible using very wide ATV tires.

The final minibike will be extremely suited for rough country, ultra silent, and very robust. This is not going to be a "low budget" project, as I want it to last for decades. Estimated cost of all new parts will be approximately $1000 to 1500 depending on motor and controller used.

Option 2 - Cargo Deltra Trike...

Since it is easy to find an old rear differential from a car or truck at any scrap yard, this would take care of all of the complexity - having an extremely robust platform to mount a large battery bank, motor, and small cargo box. A differential also offers simple brakes tat can be repaired using standard auto parts.

The trike option would allow 2 riders and some cargo space for moving things around the yard. I found an old truck differential in the yard last week, and I thought... "hey, most of the complex stuff is already taken care of if I use this"!

Using the differential, I would end up with an electric scooter that looked a lot like the LoadRunner, but be capable of easily moving 1000 pounds around the yard. For the front end, it would be easy enough to simply scrounge an old motorcycle front, like an old 500cc front fork and wheel.

Looking forward to ideas and suggestions!