Having endless gravel roads and trails to ride on around me now, I have decided to dig up some past delta trike projects and fuze them together into a hearty mix of speed, comfort, agility, and practicality.

Being part DeltaWolf, part DeltaRunner, and part Marauder, the all new "TimberWolf" will be ready to race, tackle the rough terrain, and haul groceries.

Steering will be the same as the DeltaWolf USS Mod, and there will be a small cargo bay at the rear to carry some groceries and a battery pack for a front hub motor.

This design would be well suited for a faired delta velomobile having a high enough seating position for traffic, under seat steering so you can climb in easily, full suspension, and plenty of room for batteries.

I am working without a garage (or even a home) right now (see the newsletter for the story), but hope the weather will play along so that I can have the plan ready by the end of the month.