To support the protests in Madison, WI, over Gov. Scott Walker's attack on union families (including my own), I'm building a very large tallbike in the shape of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Solidarity logo.

Here's a very brief photo tour from conception to where it is right now.

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO's Wisconsin Solidarity image

Mocked up a simplified version in Google Sketchup, marked for all the angles and lengths, and printed it out.

The first part to be built was the star (representing the state capitol, Madison) I made the star larger so that it would connect with the edges of the state and become a structural member of the lower frame.

The frame, tacked together and not very straight. Mocked up with a head tube and 26" wheels.

Today, the frame is at this point, mostly straightened and final welded.

I still have to put rear dropouts on, a head tube, fork, handlebars, seat, drivetrain and BRAKES. Then I need to learn how to ride a triple-high tallbike!!

Woo! Fun!!

Let's keep the political discussion to a minimum - I think anyone can enjoy this project, just for the sheer ridiculous fun of riding around on a 6 foot high state.

My sig has a link to the full blog build, including progress reports from each day I have worked on it.