Total frustration with upwrong (thanks to whoever started that here!) over the last few months has inspired me to get off my lazy bum and actually do something about it. So am starting my build of the Loderunner/Timberwolf.

And since you guys and gals all like pictures, here goes:

My small collection of parts:

The start of the head tube clean-up:

My back yard is my shop, so I know how you feel, Brad! Have to run extension cords for power tools etc. and work around the weather until I can put up my tarp supports and tarp.

Thought occurred to me this morning, that after the build is ridable and any bugs worked out, I'm going to try my hand at putting some sort of faring on the front, made with fiberglass mat and foam. The ideas are already coming for how to do this!

Will keep this updated as I progress, including how I will be making the lighting system and faring.