thursday night i went to the local community bike shop here in detroit michigan to volunteer for parts. i had been one other time over year before. that time i worked a couple of hours and got a discount on a some parts. since then they have made more official polices for volunteering. the guy in charge last night told me, work 2 hours, get a part. then he dropped a bombshell.
[quote] after working 20 hours, you get unlimited bike parts[/qoute]

those were the words come out of his mouth
"unlimited bike parts"
i dont think i showed it on my face but my mind was doing the macarena! the volunteer hours are two nights a week 5-9, i can do sixteen hours these next 2 weeks and i did 3 last night, so by nov. i can be getting all kinds of parts.
i am already making a long list. i will still buy chains, derailleurs, brakes new. i think being a member you get 20 percent off stuff in the actual shop.
plus they have a pile of frames/bikes are are no longer good or broken in some way. the scrap people take them away, but i asked if they are available if people want them. i was told yes, for a few bucks as a donation. they are a non profit
this works very well for me. i need at least two frames, suspension frame for the cycle bully and a 26 inch frame for the meridian.