Looking for an INEXPENSIVE granny trike, or just the rear end.

An elderly lady from my previous church has asked me if I would build her a trike. Of course, she has no clue how much work it would involve if I have to build the entire thing from scratch!

I don't wanna have to build another "Richie Rich Trike Kit" rear end. Too much work, expense, & multiple gearing is unnecessary, as she'd just be pedaling around town on level ground.

Hoping to get a whole trike I can refurbish / overhaul, but bottom line is, condition is unimportant, as long as the 2-wheel rear end is intact. I prolly have enough donor parts to build the rest of the trike around the rear end, if necessary.

I'd be willing to pick up anything within 150 miles, if the deal is right. If it's just a rear end, shipping might be possible.


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