Hi everyone,

Have some very exciting news that I would like to share with you. A week ago I came across some 3D model files, of a similar design to the Sunrider velomobile, which are being offered free to the public on the Alligt.nl web site and they are calling the design 'Allrider'.

Although the web site (listed below) is in Dutch, the address can be pasted in a Google search page for selecting a translated version.


Fortunately, one of the formats provided is in a Rhino (Rhinoceros) 3D modeling file format, which I was able to open, review and most important, edit the file. Although most of the models are lacking material thickness and there are three shell file layouts available, I was able to use one of the models to create section cuts of the shell.

After some evaluation and a few test runs, finally decided to design the section cut intervals to correspond with 2" insulation foam board --- for creating either a fiberglass or zotefoam shaping mold --- or some sections cuts can be removed for creating a form for using wood canoe building techniques.

In addition, each section cut is setup at full scale on 30 x 42 sheets and all in one PDF format file, which can be printed at a large format printing service bureau. Other options are purchasing a poster printing programs like 'Rasterbator' or 'CutePDF Writer' --- or using any good illustration programs like 'Adobe Illustrator" or 'CorelDraw!', and I have also successfully tested even Acrobat Reader X (10) for poster printing capability.

Have thoroughly enjoyed the past week working out the details for sectioning the velomobile shell and compiling the information, which is represented in the files listed below.
(I was unable to upload a PDF file format to the forum site, so please let me know if you are interested in copies of the files and I can email them to you.)


In addition, I had previously made a scaled profile vector drawing of the Warrior Trike, for creating a Coroplast shell, and used this layout to determine if there were any fit or clearance issues with the 3D model shell. On preliminary review and placing the two front wheels centered in the shell wheel wells, it appears that there are some issues that might need to be addressed.

One is the rear wheel being further forward than the Sunrider version, which might effect cargo carrying capability in the rear.

Another is with a 30" track width on the Warrior Trike and 28" overall width on the shell, and depending on the tire width, they might stick out by about 2" on both sides of the shell.

The only other consideration is the steering, which in the original Sunrider is accomplish with a stick tiller on both sides. However, the Warrior Trike uses USS where the wheel wells and bottom of the shell could interfere with that steering arrangement. The steering assembly is probably the area needing the most attention and/or modification.

Other than these issues of concern and possibly making some changes to both, looks like combining the two might work! A example of a compiled image is provided below.

Click image for larger version. 

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If you request copies of the PDF files, please let me know what you think of the information provided. Most important, if it is of any value in building a velomobile shell and if there are any questions, or require additional information and/or other sections to assist or clarify construction. Thanks.