Well, I just passed 1000km on my Timber Velo. This trike is finally what I had hoped it could be. Drive train, steering, suspension and brakes are all working well.
I ride to work and return (70km round trip) around 3 days a week. I use a 9C front hub motor with 36v Lithium battery. I reach 45km/hr with a full charge and the trip average is usually about 36-37km/hr.

The final parts that made this bike fast were the skinny hard rear tires and the wheel disks. The original fenders were scrapped for a lower profile design.

I had three goals with the design (all compared to a two wheeled Burley recumbent);

Better weather protection
Better safety
Better aerodynamics

The weather protection is good. My feet and hands don't get cold at all. On rainy days only my shoulders and chest get wet.

For safety, although I have been up on two wheels, I have learned to slow for the corners. I feel I have less chance of injury.

The aerodynamics are better compared to my two wheel recumbent. The overall performance is the same and this bike is a lot heavier.

This has been a great project, I am dreaming of what will be next.

Thanks to all the Zombies who helped.


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