Long overdue, I felt I should introduce myself to thank the community for the assistance I found here, to show what can happen when someone gets a hold on the plans offered, please forgive the abomineering & motorization, I know this is primarily a HPV site but I thought there's some aspects that would crossover well in any case.

I had planned on using Atomic Zombie's 'Warrior Racing Trike' for the initial build, the 178pg "blueprints" providing more than enough info on the chassis construction w/a ton of helpful hints - not least of which scavenging as many bits from other bikes as possible, which suited me quite well. While there ended up being many a deviation from the basic plans, in fact little remaining save inspiration - I must thank Atomic Zombie for that inspiration, although I eventually ended up taking a different path the tips & tricks therein gave me a confidence to proceed & so I named the creation 'The Bent Zombie Tribrid Tadpole Trike' in thanks.

What I'm trying to achieve with this "tribrid" is quiet comfort with a combination of range/efficiency and improved acceleration - both of which are somewhat questionable what with the added weight & mechanical drag. The advantage of experimenting with an electric hub is should the results be less than satisfying I can always just put the hub on another bike - but I'm really hoping it'll not come to that.

If you'd like to subject yourself to the full build log laid out in excruciating, numbing detail you can check it here: The Bent Zombie Tribrid Tadpole Trike (build phase) or simply skip ahead to the fun stuff (recommended unless you're a masochist heh).

some vids;
electric drive vid
relay panel & keyed switch vid
jackshaft & freewheel vid
lighting & controls vid
Lifan (CRF50 clone) first start & run vid
gear indexing & shifting vid
walk around vid

and just the pics;
T3 photo album, build phase

...and that's about it for awhile, the 'T3' is pretty much "finished" aside from a billion minor adjustments, some fine tuning & dialing in - just about all of which is dependent on test runs, of which I can't do at the moment as ofc it's still winter in Maine lol

Overall this build was mostly for the sheer experimentation, an excuse to tinker w/both a four stroke 49cc Lifan and a 36v 1000w electric drive in a recumbent tadpole configuration. My "best case scenario" is something that uses little fuel for my commute, offering comfort & reliability for the long hauls (daydreamin' of cross country trips & camping adventures ofc) - but really more than anything else, just the fun & education of tryin' ta make all the pieces fit.

Thanks again Atomic Zombie!