Looking good and glad you found something that worked.

Don't sweat the terminology thing, people use the "wrong" terms all the time here but as long as we can figure out what is meant we work it out, just realize that sometimes people are going to ask you to clarify what you mean.

It might be helpful to review the info at this page: Anatomy of a Bicycle it has just about everything properly identified other that the breakdown of the fork tubes.

A complete fork assembly is composed of the Steerer Tube, the Fork Crown, the Fork Legs, and in the case of suspension forks, the Stanchion Tubes.

In addition to my previous post, the Fork Crown joins the Fork Legs together with the Steerer Tube (in low end bikes Fork Tubes may be bent at the top and joined directly to the bottom of the Steerer Tube).

In a suspension fork, the Crown is connected to the Stanchion Tubes instead of the fork legs, and the Stanchion Tubes slide into the Lower Fork Tubes. They are typically joined together by a bolt that extends through the Stanchion and is secured to the bottom of the Lower Fork Tubes.

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of confusion (unknown by most) about the proper terminology of bike frames, so you really do have to try to picture what is described and determine what is actually meant.

I don't normally correct anybody unless there is enough conflicting info for me to not be able to clearly figure out which part is actually meant.

Have a good one, and enjoy your conversion to being a Zombie,