Originally I planned to build a Viking tandem and skin it as a velomobile. I began collecting parts, then Brad started his velomobile. Cargo space was a priority for him, and the more I thought about this the more important it seemed.

So I considered the LodeRunner tandem. The higher seating would need a very tall velomobile shell, but the Viking centre section would fit between the LodeRunner ends and also lower the centre of gravity. This idea became the “LodeRunner Sport”.

Just before construction started (June 2013), a winter storm encounter in my current velomobile caused me to reconsider cross-wind stability – especially for a tandem-length velomobile. The obvious answer is two front wheels – effectively the Viking front end but with limited lateral pivoting to keep four wheels on the ground on uneven surfaces.

Eliminating the single wheel out the front also shortens the machine by about 60cm – so it will be “only” four metres long. The frame weight remains about the same (add front axle cross member but eliminate forks and front tube) and the weight of the extra wheel will be offset by the shorter body shell.

Overall the design becomes about a 50/50 split between the AZ plans: LodeRunner rear end and drivetrain grafted onto Viking centre section and front end. It could be a “LodeRunner Sport” or a “Viking Cargo” … but it really needed a name all of its own. Ticktock suggested “Longfellow” (i.e. long velo) which sounds good to me – thank you TT.