Hi Folks,
My StreetFox build is now scheduled for the Weekend of the 9th - 11th August :-)

Step-by-step pictures will be taken and posted.

While the build docs do not specify it, should there be a LH and a RH track rod end for the Ackerman steering link?
YES! I know there is definitely a joint at either end, what I am puzzled about is whether they are meant to be discrete LH thread and RH thread like you would get on a car or a Go-Kart?
I would have thought "YES" if you want to turn the tie-tube to extend/shrink the rod end distances, but "NO" if you are willing to fiddle and undo the link at the steering TAB end each time you adjust.

Have I got that about right, or is there an unbreakable rule here that I am blithely unaware of??