Hi Folks,

Against my personal preference I let myself get talked into allowing my V-Brake bosses to be welded to the underside of the brake-arms on my StreetFox.
This may be a sounder engineering solution (allegedly as the V-Brakes are being pushed onto the brake-arms and not away from the brake arms).

However, this also means that the brakes are more difficult to work on (under the brake arms) and the "pretty" side of the alloy is not on show, only the "ugly" side.

Rather than cut the brake mounts off and re-weld on the top-side (spoiling my beautiful paint-job), I wondered if I could use > these < and drill and thread my StreetFox brake arms on the upper surface.
The material of the Brake arms is 2.5mm thick, but these are my brakes, I just wondered if it would be "safe and secure" enough to trust my life to?

Any experience/thoughts on this type of mounting guys?