Hi all

Currently building a python trike :-


Based on the third one down.

The bikes are here :-


I have :-

Moved axle over in 2 BMX wheels cut off surplus and ground smooth
Fitted Big Apples to all 3 wheels
Welded 2 nuts to inside of some 1/8 plate and welded them to the ends of a piece of 1.5" x1.5" x 1/16 that is 25" long [ welds need a little cleaning but not much ]

Couple of the welds:-

[IMG] how to take a screenshot on a pc[/IMG]

and :-

[IMG] screenshot utility[/IMG]

As you can see on both these pictures the end cap was a little larger than the tube on 2 sides , I tacked it on first then welded each side in turn , I then ground down some of the weld and rounded off the corners but left the weld proud so as not to weaken it.[ these pictures are from before they were ground ]

Mock up at 36" wheel base :-

[IMG] image hosting no account[/IMG]

So rear axle is done.

[IMG] screen capture windows 7[/IMG]

regards Paul