Well I have been waiting and waiting to find an old bike with rear suspension so I can start my two builds, Street Fox trike and the Marauder. Only problem is that I can not find a rear tree for the builds. So now it looks like I will just go and buy a cheap Walmart "NEXT" bike to use. But for me it's hard to tear apart a new bike even if it's a cheap old Walmart bike. This spring I picked up a few kids bikes during the spring clean up. All you do is put your junk on the curb and the city picks it up. So when I saw one I could use I would grab it. The clean up goes on only for a week or two. The problem is there are people who just drive around to pick up all the scrap metal they can find. Most of the time it's old bikes. One day I saw a truck just heaping with bikes and there was no way I could stop because I was travelling out of town at the time. Well they take them to the local scrap yard for $$$. I will have to give them a call and see if they have any old bikes piled up. I have a feeling most of the bikes are crushed by now. I have also been checking local rummage sales and no luck. I was going to put a wanted ad in the local paper but it was like $25 for 4 days and I might not get anything. I would rather put that $25 toward a Walmart bike instead. Hopefully I can find some soon.

I might just go get a Walmart bike in the next day or so (company gave me a $30 Walmart gift card today and also a pretty big bonus last week) So I guess the time is right but I still hate chopping up a new bike.