I get distracted over Xmas by what I thought would be a simple/fast build .. guess what it is not finished yet ..now there's a surprise

Steve Nurse has build some interesting bikes including a FWD rear suspension style and some have a wooden beam main tube ... simple me thinks !


and his second one is detailed in his blog :-


first mock up :-

[ yes I know pedals on wrong side - this is a MOCKUP ! ]

I seemed to have created a problem that is eating into my time ! holes !

The BB and head tube both want holes 34mm diameter however I only have 32mm or 35mm hole saws !

So elected to cut them at 32mm and file them out to 34mm this did not take to long for the BB as it was across the 2" of the timber [ actually slightly less as it is planed from 2" rough cut ] however the head tube is proving to be a real pain in the bum and is now holding up the build.

I have some nice Baltic pine plywood 12mm with lots plies so I used that to cap the end of the 2x4 to make it wide enough for the BB and deep enough for the head tube with the strip underneath to help with pedal fork clearance [ although at this point it could be flipped over ] as you can see it is over long at present.

the sign behind is for the tail box , seemed to have blown away from the local pub one night ? can't think how that happened

this is first stab at rear end :-

I am hoping to pivot this at the top so when it moves it moves away from the rear and the suspension can be underneath thus also making it as short as possible ?

Either like this :-

or maybe the springs from the legs of a set of suspension forks one down either side of the main beam under the seat.

Won't know which direction to go until I have chopped a bit of 2x4 from the main beam and set it at 20' so I can look to see how my chopped down rear meets it.

all for now