No wonder I never finish anything !

Started messing with this again :-

So seat mounted however low profile brakes don't fit as it seems mounting studs are not in a standard place and so operating arms tries to pass through tyre !

Best gear I could get using the stops was 4th [ dropping to 5th before I got to ride it ! ]

So no brakes and no gears ? best I could manage was a briefly powered coast to the bottom of my estate ....
Gearing is so high I either get wheel slip or severe pedal steering interference [ PSI ] or both ! and so cannot start off at all on the level - bummer.

Don't like needed tiller and if change derails [ easily done trying to turn and move it backwards it can jam between the frame and the rings , real pig to get out

So :-
gear changer needed
brake needed - may try side pull - maybe on rear of fork
spacer need - bit of plywood should do
rear seat mount to wobbly - fix

watch this space ..slowly...