Hi all,

I want to build another bike (who doesn't?) and for this I really need a workshop of some sort.

This was my Gara-Junk room 16' x 6' 6" before I began putting things together.

Now, after 3 weeks I am nearly ready with a much improved working space (still some more things to do yet, but really getting there).
This picture is taken from the other end of the room.

I have some wiring to do and a 90CM extractor fan to fit over my welding bench (which itself needs a 6mm steel top-plate).
While much of the clutter took a trip to the city-dump I have merely built high-level storage shelves to get stuff I am keeping off the floor to give me some space.
A chunk of space is still taken up by my son's weightlifting stuff (which is going (soon, I hope... he is 33 and should be "long-gone" from here I think). :-)
The net result is a fixed bench of 8' x 2' and a movable bench of 4' x 2' and a central space in which to store my existing trike.

But I do feel like I am getting there. You never know, I might actually get to build a bike this side of the last-trump ;-)