Hi folks,

Some of you my remember that earlier I fashioned a tubular "sleeve" with a bottom bracket mounted upon it to provide an adjustable BB mount for the High-Roller I am slowly building.

The sleeve came from an exhaust connector, and parts of the fixing bracket(s) that came with it were cut up and put to good use to attach the BB tube to the sleeve.

Today, while pondering how to mount my idler pulley onto the round main-tube of the high roller I remembered that there had been a piece of the fixing bracket left over.

So, I have fashioned it and added a 12mm nut and the shank of a bolt to it in order to make it into a sturdy mount for the idler pulley (excess you see here to be trimmed off).

Not a spectacular achievement I know, but I do like making use of things I have to hand rather than them ending up in the scrap bin.