Hi Folks

With the nice weather and lighter evenings we have been trying to get out on Saturday evenings for a quick ride and drink , this weekend we did our standard 9 mile ride and detoured up a steep hill to a local pub (1800 ft cumulative climb in those 9 miles ) To the white horse at Rottingdean , just east of Brighton . where we met Kim , another Zombie who was staying in the weekend for the weekend . The 20/20s are now about 3 years old and are still our favourite transport almost all the bugs have been sorted out and the maintenance period seems to be 500 miles between services . The batteries are still OK and 2 out of 4 are 3 years old and still doing OK .
The ride was along part of the sustran cycle route and along the under cliff way a shared concrete path along the sea shore )
Overall a good evening out