Hi Folks

Yes I know the e-trike saga is probably getting a bit boring OR on the other hand there is a lot of interest in the electric assisted trikes

So the 20/20 is finished ( for now until the next upgrade )

AND I am left with a pile of bits so


What do you do with the spare bits and a 10 ft length of premachined 40mm tubing

Quit the fanfares and applause its time to assemble the original bits and the 12v 12ah Sla batteries left over from the voyager e-trike and produce --- yet another 20" wheel e-trike

so far the frame is built and mated with the original currie wheel ( the settings have been sorted on the controller and I think we have got a little more power , and the battery rack is built and modified to fit around the jackshaft

post images

at present it has the original wheels of the street e-fox ( the lean mean and green ) e-trike and the rear end of the 20/20 but I hope to fit the original front wheels from the 20/20 and fitting front discs ,
This one will be much heavier about 95lb I estimate with the heavier batteries and with a slightly reduce range due to the 12v12ah batteries only having a capacity od 7.5 ah at the 1 hour rate , This trike then can be compared directly to 20/20 with its upgrades to see how efficient the upgrades were , Ken is going to use it for a while after it is finished .
there are other difference like handlebar style and front disc brakes as they were in the bits box . so
watch this space for the finished item .

regards emma