For the last week I have been noting an issue. Folks are posting and then it is not showing up for several days. And then all of a sudden the post pops up. This has happened twice that I have noted.

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User aadi3229 posted on 2-6-2015 and I never saw it as new posting and then today this user posted again but both showed up today.

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This happened with User "slippy" Who introduced themselves on 2/12 got no responce then reposted on 2/19 of no responce and that is the day it popped up on todays post.

I am reading the forum on and off throughout my waking period. Only when sleeping do I no check on the todays post. I read the forum on multiple platforms and refresh screens all the time. So I may miss one new post but 2 in a week. Unlikely.

As anyone else noted delayed new postings?