05:30 Sun is coming up...Grandson is already up

After some quick up grade to his increasing armory, he has set about digging a hole, ... to China no doubt.

The ambient light is still not quite bright enough, so I set about drilling the mounting holes for the hubs.
OH, what I would give for a new pair of eyes. Getting the drill bit set into the 'center punch mark', is proving to be the challenge, in recent days.

Anyway, enough complaining. The holes are all drilled.
Now to figure how to get rid of the 'bump' every quarter of a turn......

I'm using (3/16th x 8" x 8") plates to make the hubs. The will be trimmed down to 6 1/2 " circles when finished.
Also some gussets, will add strength.

Had a slight set back with my welder this morning. First I couldn't get a good ground.
That metal coating on my steel is really tough. (Not sure that was the problem)

Second, the wire feed wouldn't work right, and ended up breaking the wire inside,
at the feed mechanism. Had to remove 10 feet of wire, and refeed it. (Maybe this was the problem)

I was then able to get the perch tack welded. All good at this point.
Couldn't see any reason, not to go ahead, and put a finish weld on the underside.

I (as most of us) could weld a lot better, if I could just see where the h*** the weld line was.
My 'stitch it' method is the closest way for me to put down a 'straight' continuous bead.

The picture on the right shows the 'stitch method', and it didn't take no time at all.

The completed perch, sans the cosmetic work to come later.
Oh yeah, there is a centering/retaining stud, yet to be welded into the plate.