My choice of rake, is not a mistake.
Just take a glance, and you will see a nice stance.

I want to keep the side frame angle, as you see it in the picture below.
But with the new rear wheels center, being somewhat lower, I needed to modify the frame.

I cut blocks, which added another 1.5 inches to the bottom of the frame, thus bringing the axle down, the same amout.
And the result is, spot on where it needs to be, while maintaining the desired 'rake'. (Term used for hot rod stance)
I guess the next step is to turn those 3/16" plates into hubs.

My shop is a mess, so it took a few, to locate the steering wheel that (may) be used for this creation.
It's a much longer process, this mocking up thing, but it sure helps to visualize,
how everything will/might/should/could/would, (well you get the idea), fit together.