Announcing a NEW build---Ed's 'StreetRunner'

I haven't finished the INFERNO yet, but this has been burning in me for the last year or so.

I want to build a recumbent tandem, that I can take with us on our RV trips. Something that isn't to large, long, or cumbersome. Easy to, maybe break down, into manageable pieces.

I want to make it so that the stocker is a tad higher than the pilot. I don't want the stocker, to have to be so laid back, in full recumbent style. (More like the DeltaRunner position)

The thought is to fashion it after the "StreetFox" and "DeltaRunner"
I'm thinking I will build close to how each were designed, with only the design for the center connection/disconnection needing to be decided.(If at all)

This bike won't be used for long 30 mile runs, more the occasional trip around the neighborhood,
and within the various campgrounds we go to.

I have looked at all the plans, to see which would give me these options.
I think, (always subject to change) I have settled on using the front of a StreetFox, mated to the back of a DeltaRunner, thus the name of my new project, "StreetRunner".

This time, I want to stay closer to the plans, so I may get it done, in much less time.
Not too much 'thinking out of the box' on this one. (My brain needs a rest). I would like to be able to use this one, before I have to resort to 'Cane Drive', instead of 'Chain Drive'.

The idea is to possibly have it disconnect in the middle, and store in a carrier as two, (or) if it turns out to, NOT be a big problem,(manageable physically) leave it as a one piece build, I may put a rack, either on the back of my 5th wheel RV, or on the top of my longbed pickup.

So there you have it. A new project to start thinking about.
I'm concentrating heavily on getting the Inferno done, but wanted to get this out there, so those that want to, can start throwing in their ideas, comments, criticisms, support, or what have you.

The support and interest for the Inferno build, has been awesome, totally unexpected, and so, so appreciated.
I hope to make this build as fun and interesting, as building the Inferno.

StreetRunner --The beginning