Vroooom ! .....Vroooom !

I'm using 24 gauge perforated sheet metal. (1/16th holes)

End pieces before smoothing edges.

Last night I set up the 'plan', for attacking this fabrication.
It's a good thing I waited until this morning to work on it.
When I double checked my figures, section # 8 was off by a full inch.

My blank sheet is 18 inches wide. 16 " for the main body, plus 1 " tabs,
which will be used to fasten it all together, with pop rivets.

So far ... so good. After making some minor adjustments,
(the bends weren't perfect, we have some resemblance of a V8 engine.

Weight at this point is right at 5 lbs. A bit heavier than I calculated, (guessed at).

I will have two large pieces left over from a 4 x 8 sheet.
I may use it as body panel material, when the time comes.