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I keep meaning to mention this hopefully before you get to far on your build
I investigated my "VW SYNDROME) where the rear wheels tilt inwards at the top.
This is due to the pillow block bearings self aligning so add some eight and a tilting they will go!!
My solution when I get around to it is add a third bearing to each rear axle. Contemplated just moving the outside bearing outward but adding the third should guarantee a cure for VW SYNDROME.
Hi Idaho

You have touched on this subject before, and I will certainly keep it it mind as I progress.

With so much going on, lately, not much time to 'focus' on either the Inferno or StreetRunner.

Just a short list of things getting in the way....

Studying for my drivers license renewal test, (I guess I have finally reached THAT age)(1st test in about 20 years)
Testing and passing the tests...even the eye test.
Upgrading our back fence,
Tree felling and chop up,

Yard maintenance
Replacing some landscaping,
Replacing an old lawn, (third time)

Prepping for our first, camp out of the season,
Trailer maintenance, for the upcoming camping season.

Adopting a new dog, (Then there is the name, its changed three times in the last two days)
I'm thinking....'Whats her Name'.....should cover it, Right?

Writing my e-newsletter,
Planning a 'Carnival Day', for our RV group. The activities, making prize wheels, Plinko games,
selecting prizes, accommodations, meals, etc, etc,

Watching the antics of all the great people on AZ,

and then there is the, 'StreetRunner' build...WHEW!!!

I have been slightly busy. But here's my latest thoughts to paper...computer.

Some time ago I mentioned I was looking for a linear slide/roller system online.
I have found plenty, but none seemed to work for my intended use.

They were either too small, or too high priced.

So in the long standing AZ tradition, I am designing and will 'probably' build my own.

After numerous designs, that have ended up on the cutting room floor,
I offer this first, of two designs, I'm considering.

I'm working on a second design, where the roller rails will be attached at the sides, instead of top and bottom.
There still needs to be a, 'return pulley/chain', (to replace the return spring idea) incorporated on the bottom of the frame rail.

There you have it...do as you will with it.