The Mk1 Python will now remain as it is and be ridden until I have built a replacement either this Mk2 Python

or the MBB trike

This build has been sidetracked by adding suspension , however it was a dud and was shoved in the back of the shed in disgust.

So now maybe it's time has come ?

So hacked out the suspension cleaned up a internal round tube [ hammer fit ] and cleaned it up ready for welding.

The left hole is one of two for a plug weld to secure the inner tube the slots are for doing the same for the joint and the right hand hole is a remnant of the suspension.

hope to get this clamped at right angles and welded up Sunday.

This part is all of 3.5"longer than the Mk1 Python 29.5" against 26" so plenty of scope for carrying camping gear

I don't think it will fit in the car in one piece however there is always the option of removing the rear wheels or splitting it in the middle or hanging it out back or .......?????

Once I have it working I can look to build a non brake front end .....