Welded and test fitted :-

The blue foam is the lumbar support I need to stop back problems , usually it sits behind the Ventist seat pad and cannot be seen.
I have a pad for this one [ bought 2 last time in Holland ] however it is not deployed yet.

This is the back , I am beginning to think that I have built this to long , especially as I think there is a flaw in my plan ? [ see below ]

Anyway rear seat post , fully adjustable and neat ?

I may replicate this idea on the Mk1 trike as it is easier to use and cuts down on bolts etc hanging under the trike in the dirt and mire ?

Flaw ?
Why carry around all the weight and extra frame parts needed to have the camping equipment on-board when I only do that for 2 weeks out of the year ?
I want to try the suspension before I pass judgement ...
I may look at shortening it and maybe adding brackets so I can mount a tradition bike rack , or at least an equivalent carrier for 2 panniers and a flat area.
Of course I don't need the ' hole ' in the middle for the rear wheel however it is possible my tent can live in there when being carried ?