Ok so the southern honey monster is cracking on with his trike , about time I pipped him at the post and got mine ridable before him ?

He is hampered by having 12 children and 18 grandchildren , however I do have a dog !

So first problem is there is a hole in the rear :-

Absolutely no use for checking my prostrate so it really needs filling in....

Also those ears that hold the suspension pivot to the BB are only tacked welded and all the welds are on the frame side and not the suspended side ?

So I cut off the threads that protruded and cleaned it all up.

I shall put 3 bigs tacks in of about 1/2" then plate over the [w]hole.

As I am putting a plate in it seemed a good idea to make them large enough to be the lower seat support ?

the rear of the seat will be supported with a seat post up at the seat end inserted in a seat tube down at the bottom both held with a 8mm bolt inside a tube welded into both pieces.

..and of course us men like playing with our Winkelmesser ...

I should get the drop on him because I am only building a new rear half for the time being