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adjustable in terms of pivoting -- there are a couple out there (RANS, Bachetta and this one) but they don't differ in what they do. Some people can't get used to them -- they feel unstable because the steering is not fixed (if you push the handlebars forward, they move...). I had one on my RANS V-Rex and never had a problem with it. I would say the one by terracycle is a good one.
I pretty much crossed terrcycle's version off the list of options as the stem doesn't have a very large range of adjustment.

On their FAQ

6. Can I use one on my lowracer?

Probably not. The GlideFlex is designed to pivot back 25 degrees behind the steerer tube. Most lowracers need something like 70 or 80 degrees. We are working on as stem like this, but it isn't available yet.
http://recumbentparts.com/detail/0/9...ing-steer.html Someone tells me this is a good one as well.