Hi all

I have built a car in the past - re-bodied a Citroen Dyane on a Ami Super chassis however it was 35+ years ago.

Fast fwd to now and an impulse buy got me 20 years worth on Practical Classic magazines for 99p !

I soon realised that spending 2 years underneath a classic car welding new metal in the lower 6" inches held no appeal and I could not afford the prices for the repair panels or a respray etc.

However I then came across an article on the build of this car :-

A monster of a car built by Oliver Way with an aircraft engine built recently however capturing the spirit of those Edwardian brutes.

So where does that leave me ?

I can see that I could build a car in the spirit of this one , no rusty metal and no expensive paint jobs and a great looking car for thundering around the A & B roads during the UK summer months ?

How to achieve it ?

The UK has a motoring test called the IVA Individual Vehicle Approval which all new builds must pass , however if a car is simply re-bodied and retains enough of original vehicle it does not need to pass this test.

The best chassis for this would be a 109" Series III Landrover as it has height and is long enough can be bought old enough to be road tax free and pre-1974 can have a black/silver number plate.

So the project splits into three parts:-

Find old Landrover refurbish chassis and running gear etc.

Find some help to build the metal parts for the bonnet - metal bending - welding myself [ TIG ].

Find some help to build the rear wooden part - need to find someone with cold moulding boat build experience.

Drive and enjoy ?

So far I have built a 1/6 scale Landrover chassis out of technic Lego and currently crafting a cardboard body to see if it will work.

Helpful comments welcome