Hi Folks

Having built a large number of teadpoles over the last 30 odd months I have been looking at the possibility of building a quad using a tadpole as a basis for a quad- velo


Enters the silver MKII with enough attitude to become the prototype to receive the delta style rear end .

OK FOLKS you now know the reason for my quiet period of late .

The fly in the ointment for me was the brakes on the rear and I wanted the look of outboard disc brakes to match the outboard discs fitted on the front .

Here in the UK the imperial size bar and pillow blocks made the project of a delta rather expensive and looking at the availability of parts:- I have been playing with using :-

20mm axle and pillow blocks and 20mm collars , These pillow blocks , axle rod and collars are less expensive here in the UK than imperial sizes also using 20mm it lends itself to the external disc design rather well ,
By using a 20mm "free hub " on the offside then the use of 1/2 shafts is eliminated and the solid axle running across the rear end should be easier to make and implement .The number of pillow blocks reduced ( most commercial trikes are 2 pillow block mounting on a 15mm axle ), the free hub supports a rotor at the place where it will work best - on the hub and cause less problems than a shaft mounted one and this on a pedal trike only needs 2 adapters made and one hub to be reamed out to fit the shaft - Photos will follow once the bits are welded together and I have a few photos worthy of the camera to upload
The "fixed " hub will be mounted directly on the axle with a centering collar on the outside and a larger collar made for the inside this collar will secure the hub with 6 bolts through the adapter the rotor into the hub the only forces to act onthe assembly will be pedal power ) until it is motorized )

Watch this introductory thread until I start the thread of fitting the delta rear end onto the MKII.
Currently John ( sandman ) and I are thrashing some ideas about for another idea on yet another alternative to the standard delta rear end .

regards for now