So, it's been a long time since I've been around. Ever since my second back surgery in Jan of 2013 life has been a lot different. I'm on permanent disability and can't sit or stand in one place very long. Can't walk for very long either and running is simply out of the question.

Some of you may remember that my journey to AZ originally started based on a search to find a "bike" for my son, Ethan, who has autism and can't ride a regular bike.

I have messed around and designed and redesigned time again but simply haven't been able to consistently spend the time necessary to focus on making him a trike.

Recently during a therapy session we were talking about trikes for him and learned about an organization here in the US that makes adaptive trikes for kids with disabilities and they have a wish list that enables kids to get these trikes. After getting on the wish list, they set a fundraising goal and you can supplement their efforts with your own. So we set up a fundraiser on and in less than a month have raised enough for Ethan to finally get his trike and it's on order right now. Turns out that because of my disabilities, I qualify also, and we are about 60% of the way to the goal for my trike as well

Anyhow, now I have to design and build a carrier for them that can also accommodate a couple of regular bikes so that the family can go for rides and possibly even bring one of Ethan's friends