Quad rear chain line

Quad rear chain line

The chainrollers are 3D printed by Emiel, in the middle there is a 16T steel sprocket an 2 ball bearings
Nicely done! Do you have a differential of some sort? Looks like you are driving both rear wheels...
I did mine with sprag clutches and a live axle, Right now I am also running a jackshaft with the freewheel cluster on it on one end and a fixed sprocket on the other end that runs a short loop of chain to the single sprocket on the rear axle
Yes we used a open differential, it look like the Peerless differentials but this diff is stronger. The outcoming axles have a fixed sprocket on the left and right axle. Then a 1/8 chain to the rear axles, the diff axles used 16T sprockets, And the rear wheelaxles used now a 25T sprocket. The hubmotor has an 16T sprocket and the diff an 28T sprokcet. Sometimes i wished that i have a difflockt.

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