This is a side view of my trike build. It's a combination of a Warrior and Street Fox plan. I wanted suspension so I looked for a trail bike to harvest the rear suspension. Walmart had a new but old stock trail bike on sale for $55. I used the suspension, rear tire, crank, and head tube.
As indicated above my trike build is a combination of Street Fox and Warrior features. I used the rear suspension of a trail bike so that I would have some handling suspension. It works very well and makes a more comfortable ride. The rear wheel is from the trail bike so I kept the derailer and the wheel cassette for a more seamless operation. My 20" front wheels are take-offs from a new TerraTrike. I had my brother in law mill axels to to fit the wheels. I purchased the wheels because of the beefy axel and it was machined for disc brakes. I ordered a new brake set for the front wheels and by mistake the vendor sent me a hydraulic set. I have never had hydraulic brakes before on a bike so this was a great surprise. It stops smoothly and on a dime. Since I used the Street Fox front design I followed the plan for direct drive steering. This is the only negative for me, since I am used to indirect drive under the seat steering. I plan to change the steering to indirect/under the seat style.

The other thing I would change is I would buy new steel for the frame. I was given the 1 1/2" square steel by a family member. It had lots of surface rust but still had its integrity. But it took a lot of grinding to remove the rust. I think it would have been worth the $50 to buy new metal.

I made a seat frame out of aluminum angle stock and patterned the seat frame to accommodate a mesh TerraTrike seat. I made it adjustable to accommodate different size riders.
I'm planning to do something like this myself. I'm here looking at any examples of combinations of Street Fox suspended rear with disc brakes like the Warrior has.

I'm curious; what are the members that go from near rear dropouts to seat tube -- sort of like the seatstays? How do they interact with the suspension, or do they?
As you can tell by the pix, my seat stays go from the back of the seat frame to the rear dropouts. I am not happy with this arrangement so I am going to move them to the angled seat post located behind the seat. I did not follow the plans for the seat. I chose to use a TerraTrike seat cover and make the seat adjustable rather that having the crank bracket adjustable. Not sure that was the best decision but it works well for me.

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