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    Building Organic Transit ELF vechicle

    Elf sold most of the units about 500 in the first 4 years, as they rose prices the volume went down. pebl only makes a few dozen vehicles a year, they too are too expensive!. Honestly I think farming the frame out to China, shipping them UPS and then having some sort of bolt together shell is...
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    Building Organic Transit ELF vechicle

    Personally I do not think anyone will buy the Elf company and save it from bankrupency so I might be able to buy parts frame etc if they auction stuff off. There are also a couple of start up companies that I might beta test.
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    Building Organic Transit ELF vechicle

    there is a used elf on ebay version 1.5 in colorado, with broken hub motor $1500 plus $500 to ship that I thought about buying, but for about the same price or more likely less I can make my own. still waiting on 6061 1.5x1.5 tubing to come from florida.
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    Chainless Tilting Tadpole Velo

    6063 alloy tube can easily be found in 1/16 wall thickness, howevber 6061 alloy is more of a structural grade and is very hard to find in thinner wall locally. 6061 is stronger and what most aluminum bikes are made of.
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    this design is very nice, much more macho then the clownish Elf which sold 850 units before going banckrupt.
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    Flat pack Velomobile ?

    flat pack with some assembly required is really the only way to sell economical velomobiles, once they are fully assembled you are looking at a minimum of $400 or more to ship door to door in the USA depending on distance.
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    Chainless Tilting Tadpole Velo

    maximum 1/8" not really any reason to go thicker 6061 is available in 3/32 walls which is what I plan to use. even then I have to wait 2 weeks for it to be shuttled up from Florida to NC. I would use 1/16, but no one stocks it in that wall thickness locally.
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    Building Organic Transit ELF vechicle

    "Well as they build the frame and the body it is not beyond reason that they build that as well ?" they could of paid an aluminum extrusion company $1500 for a die and another $2000 for a minimum run of a custom extrusion. If I can't get that extrusion than I will just buy some 1.75" square...
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    Building Organic Transit ELF vechicle

    the drive system is explained at 1:45 in the youtube video.
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    Building Organic Transit ELF vechicle

    I want to make an Elf like velomobile. The frame does not look that hard and I like how they have a dual drive system. And I also like how they use a Nuvinci drive and a hub motor both of which do not need custom spoked on a wheel! 2 questions: Where are they getting those squarish aluminum...
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    Well......It is a recumbent. 207MPH anyone?

    looks like a giant fart! LOL! I have not grown up yet, hahaha.
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    Body on a Warrior frame ?

    6MM COROPLAST is much stronger than 4mm stuff that everyone seems to use. I would use plastic over plywood for weather resistance alone.
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    Chainless Tilting Tadpole Velo

    you can use 1/8" wall aluminum for the bottom frame, but for the top part that holds your roof, doors, etc 1/16 or thinner tubing is more than enough. I am working on a velo top that is using 3/4" square tube with 0.040" thin walls Ten feet of this is about 1.5 lbs in weight
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    This was nearly fatal ?

    6:40 on 2nd video shows how close to death he came. the first video perspective doesn't show the truck as close.