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    Yeah.. I have learned of late that it would seem keepung lithium between 30 and 80% charge will be the best life span.
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    Handlebar expansion plug for e-throttle repair

    ok... pattern scribed in steel. Will cut it tomorrow. Still knackered from a 37 hour day, 15 of which was spent sitting in a hospital emergency ward with a family member. They need someone to AZ-ify those chairs!!!
  3. various repairs, jigs, etc

    various repairs, jigs, etc

    various things to fix, or make things work
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    pattern for new friction arms to use in throttle controller. they are 1 cm longer than the original cast alumininum arms that cracked.
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    Handlebar expansion plug for e-throttle repair

    So Danny, handle bar inner diameter is 18.3 mm outer diameter is 22.2 mm. Re the handlebar plug imamedik, I dunno. That looks like I would be cutting open the end of the throttle body, which can be envisioned as a capped at one end where the tensioning bolt passes through to pull the spreader...
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    Handlebar expansion plug for e-throttle repair

    Thought about it. Would it have enough friction and what is the OD? Those were my intial thoughts. Not abandoning the idea. I will test the aluminium brazing rod on a bit of scrap first. Then see about trying it on this super small part. I have been given orders to improve the state of the...
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    Handlebar expansion plug for e-throttle repair

    Danny, I'll run the vernier caliper's over the handlebar tomorrow to get the actual OD/ID numbers, the part (which answers one of Popshot's questions) is made in China, resold by Grin Tech. over at It will fit 17 mm or larger ID, but not thick wall aluminum as stated here...
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    Handlebar expansion plug for e-throttle repair

    Hey Zombiez, Need the collective sounding board on this one. (Esp. After spending the last 36 hours awake due to a family emergency - all good now but waiting in hospital rooms on chairs that are harder than the steel used here to make trikes is not fun) I have the pictured (at the link below...
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    Another FWD Delta trike.

    Well, I know from reading over the past few years you like discussion and seem to always solve the issue in some fashion. Looking forward to finding out how you solve this. I won't say crack this nut... I think you already did that ;-)
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    So, finally got a project done! Trike Trailer

    Yup. I am fully preppared to need to add a beam across. But those axle stubs are pretty tough, and welded to the center tube they sit under. The weak point is actually the cart wheels. They are max 75 pounds each. The ~24 inch span doesn't give that bit of EMT much flex. I suspect it would be...
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    Another FWD Delta trike.

    Bummer. Would making the insert a bit longer help as well? Reduces the possible angle. Or get reeaaly fancy and get rolling bearings in the insert to prevent binding. You could try a Newfie screwdriver approach too. Attach your cutter to a shaft a bit longer as you want to shave. Clamp the...
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    Another FWD Delta trike.

    Danny, did you put cutting oil in there too? You didn't comment on that, but i'm thinking it might help... if it doesn't mean issues later on wrt contamination and your inserts. Just thinking out loud...
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    Warrior trike- 1st build

    Regarding slow cool down on your possible chromaly stuff. Shove it in a bucket or tub of sand or vermiculite... it should cool slow enough there... just make sure there is enough on top as under.
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    DIY battery

    If you have a direct drive motor, the Grin Technologies Phaserunner and Baserunner controllers have a virtual freewheel function to eliminate that drag when things are powered up, but not providing assist. If you have regen, you should be able to recover most of that. Just be advised if you go...