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    Stretched cruiser, sort of.

    Tack, weld, swear, grind, repeat....
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    Pull behind camper

    Sounds fun! I have been thinking of something similar, so I subscribe to thread!
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    Welcome to the four wheel community! Any progress with the ”bike sleigh”?
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    Stretched cruiser, sort of.

    Straighten up! The jig became ALMOST straight, so there were room for calibrations...
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    Stretched cruiser, sort of.

    Junior leveling cranks.
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    Stretched cruiser, sort of.

    Slooow progress - Who would have guessed? Anyway: In the makig of a jig, almost aligned!
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    Stretched cruiser, sort of.

    Thanx MDG! I missed the rightclickopeninnewtab-trick. I used the ”copy link” feature in imgur and that did not work. Anyway, here’s the first ”outline”.
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    Stretched cruiser, sort of.

    Long time, no posting. And no bike building. Now, however, I have started a small project together with my youngest son (12yrs). He wants to have a cool ride (very fast, many wheels, big engine) and I have managed to reduce the concept to a stretched 2-wheeler with no motor (yet). Establishing...
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    Kyoto/delta backwheel hub

    Great fun to see a Kyoto nearby, looking forward to seeing it IRL! Maybe we should arrange a crazy bike meet!
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    Street fighter builds

    It’s not a speed monster, thats for sure; I have a three-speed hub under the seat. I don’t know the gear ratios, it just happened that way...😀 I could have used a few more gears for better power in low speed, starting uphill etc. Top speed depends heavily on various conditions, me for...
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    200 Square Foot Portable Poultry Tractor!

    +1 on old soul and spectacular coop! Thank You, Brad! //hp