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    Bad case of pedal steer and then crash due structural failure ?

    I made a heavier crash, 90 ° angle on a 6" curb, 20mph. Blew both Schwalbe Marathon+, bent the steering rods, damaged the wheel bearings , but the frame didn't care at all. Wohaa
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    New Guy on Atomic Zombie looking for Welding guidance

    Like I wrote a few times before, I prefer TIG. But it is not the ideal methode for a starter. Unless that starter is willing to spend a lot of money to get the knack of it. I was lucky I could evolve from "noob" to pro on the expences of employers. Now it's a no brainer for me. One TIG and...
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    This had me chuckling like a lunatic. :ROFLMAO:

    Even my wife enjoyed it. She recognized almost every scene.
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    New builder self introduction

    That should be in the description of the wheels you buy. If not, why risk the money?
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    Welding sequence confusion

    I would rather think welding shrinks the metal where you filled a gap. The molten metal has more volume than the cold metal.
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    Doug's Warrior Plan Questions 2 - Pedals

    Heel-straps are very usable on recumbents. And actualy easy to make yourself.
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    Doug's Warrior Plan Questions 1

    I'm a fan of the CAD methode. Cardboard Assisted Design.
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    street fox w/ issues

    Pity postage is about the same as building a new one, with premium components newly bought.
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    bafang mid drive died in service

    If I would buy a BBSHD, it's the 1000W. Oh, I did, and mounted it on my brothers bike.
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    Already seen. :) Want to invite you to look at the workshop I have acces to.
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    Pity to hear your progress is hampered by means.
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    Drypod 2

    Looks a bit like a cheap knockoff of a veltop.
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    frame broke

    I just see a no entry sign in grey.
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    Please, I did see this thing before. Wanted eyebleach and a brainwash then. Repeating it won't change my mind, except into senility.
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    Locking up your build

    Like having elevator music playing a the time, and louder as somebody comes closer? Maybe combining that with the irritating green LED lights used at night on building sites?