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    A New Type of Vehicle

    I'd suggest most bike wheels are expected to miss potholes as the bike is only 2" wide at the road surface and the rider has excellent vision. Having said that they are expected to cope with off-road conditions. It's the potholes sharp far edge that's the difference between the two and, in your...
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    This is interesting , technically , and frightening !

    The video is all on flat surfaces. I think I can just make out some flexing wishbones at the front but can't help wondering if it does the often trick of quads and turns into an unwanted trike over rougher roads. I like the load area - very useful if there is some means of attaching the cargo.
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    A New Type of Vehicle

    Another point. I would suggest you use 20" wheels not the 29er you mention. Tadpoles and deltas generally use 20" because the wheels have to take lateral forces in cornering they were never designed to take. 26" wheels are known to buckle under hard cornering and 29er whells will only be worse...
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    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    It looks like there's enough thickness in the end tube to cut a notch at the angle of the angle iron. ie cut the notch in the shape of a triangle - wide and deep at the bottom and almost non-existent and to a point at the top to settle the angle iron well into the end tube. It's an awkward cut...
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    How much would this ruin the tire?

    There's a wear line already showing. I'd expect that the more power you want to put through it the more it needs to be forced into the tyre for grip deforming it more as it passes the drivers. I'd also expect rain to drastically reduce grip from previous reports of similar drive systems. It's a...
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    A New Type of Vehicle

    That just means less chassis and lighter components trying to control a 212cc engine! Even a poor 212cc engine is going to hit 70mph with that little weight. What components at that weight will survive the first pot hole that's hit? It's going to fold horribly. Even if you could make a chassis...
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    A New Type of Vehicle

    That looks like the type of chassis and components that would be needed to cope with a 212cc engine's power. It is a particularly nice looking example too. As a toy I could see myself in such a vehicle. Such a "car" offers few positives over a motorbike and a number of negatives such as size...
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    A New Type of Vehicle

    Ethanol and butanol have less energy than petrol. Alcohol dragsters use methanol which has even less but it can be burned in much higher quantities for a given amount of oxygen than petrol hence the biger horsepower. If you want to use alcohol because of emissions you need to factor in the extra...
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    Big Boy Tadpole modifications

    I'm 270lbs and have used 1.5mm tubing on a warrior style tadpole. 14mm axles have coped fine too.
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    Dyi electric bike kit

    If you use a 12t cog as per the motor an 18T freewheel would seem ideal to top a 300rpm motor out at 200 rpm at the wheel and 15mph. If you use a 12T one you're keeping the motor nearer it's max power at 15mph but further from it at slower speeds. Which is best I do not know. Pretty much all...
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    Dyi electric bike kit

    Without a jackshaft you only have the motor to wheel ratio to gear the bike. At the power you are looking at you need to gear for around 200 rpm at the wheel. A 3000 rpm motor would need a 15:1 ratio and you are not going to get that. The faster motors get even worse. If you can't weld I'm at a...
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    I've chosen this for the seat. Only £10 delivered - I have no idea how it's possible to make and deliver a chair for that money and though I ordered one they sent two!! The chrome metal work will get added to the pile of steel in my garage. The seat itself is 3.9KG. A little heavier than I'd...
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    Dyi electric bike kit

    The red one has no sprocket with it - can one be obtained for it? It's also incredibly tiny to be making a claim of 1760W. A shaft diameter of 5mm is going to snap if asked to move a bike plus rider even if the motor could move it. It seems wholly unsuitable for the job. The other one will work...
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    Dyi electric bike kit

    A 26" wheel will do 194 ish rpm for 15mph. A 380W motor is going to top out around 15 to 20 mph plus whatever you add by peddaling. You need to gear a motor appropriately for that. If your motor wants to do 3000 rpm you may well need a jackshaft to gear it down and on a typical bike there just...
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    Fat SWB started at last

    As finished as any project ever gets:-