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    A New Type of Vehicle

    In my 40 years of building bents of all kinds and taking them out in the war zone (street), I have mangled my share of rims! In my experience (considering trikes and faster moving HPVs), a double wall 20" BMX wheel with a fat tire will take a medium size pothole as long a s vehicles is suspended...
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    A New Type of Vehicle

    Keep the ideas flowing! So far I have found that anything over 1000 watts is motorcycle territory, where no bicycle rim will survive, not even the most expensive downhill mountain bike rims. Proper suspension on every wheel is also going to be a must. Avoid aluminum unless you are a Jedi of...
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    Others bikes throughout the world•DIY Freakshow

    Thanks for keeping this rolling. Eye candy sure helps fight this stay-at-home boredom! Brad
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    A New Type of Vehicle

    A great topic for discussion, thanks for starting it! As Popshot has mentioned, I have always found that the when considering speeds greater than say 25 Mph, the choice of wheels, brakes, and suspension instantly go from lightweight bicycle components to full size motorcycle. Most of these...
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    Big Boy Tadpole modifications

    Looking forward to the build pics! Brad
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    Big Boy Tadpole modifications

    Welcome to the Community! The Motivator is still on my "one day" list, but lately I have been into machines I need around the farm. With the heavier wall tubing and some minding of sharp turns, you could get by on one of the "tads". For an indestructible ride... LodeRunner. Cheers, Brad
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    My Internet is Not Reliable - Registrations May Take Longer.

    As some of you know, we live way out in the Northern Ontario Bush and have only a small dish pointing at the sky as our only line of communications with the outside World. I do not own a phone, and streaming internet videos is just a dream! Anyhow, it is what it is, and it has been reliable for...
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    I miss this bike. Might have been my all time favorite!

    I rode this on the streets almost like a daily commuter for months. A good bike to have now that flights are grounded! Brad
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    12mm hubs and 20" rims to give away

    Thanks for your kind deed! Brad
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    Timber wolf

    Thanks for your support! On some of the other deltas, I went with a dual rear disc, but there is no real difference in the feel of braking with the single rear and a front. Hope to see photos of your build here soon! Brad
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    Timber wolf

    Greets! There was no noticeable side pull with the one side brake, but you could certifiably add a front as well. Brad
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    Working From Home?

    Nice one! Recycle & Reuse. Brad
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    Working From Home?

    I started working mostly from home this week, but being someone that has to keep computer infrastructure operational, I do have to venture out in the field, but mostly to empty offices and clinics. How are you dealing with cabin fever? Anyone spending their time working on DIY projects? We are...
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    forum newbie

    Greets! Thanks for the kind words, hope to see your work some day. Yes... search function is working. Brad
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    Do I Need an Ark?

    Wow, get your StreetRunner to high ground.... forget the car, that is replaceable! Hope it goes down. Brad