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    AWD Quadcycle Idea/Theory

    Seems this thread is relevant for the front half...
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    bike, trike, scooter drag racing

    What will the rules be before the run? I mean... how much time will I have at the starting line before the green light?
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    StreetFighter Rear Diff Setup

    I am a little late to the part, but here is my "ratcheting" drive design from 1983... It worked perfectly, car seat and mullet too. Brad
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    Salvage frame tubing for your next project.

    This basic tutorial will guide you through the process of cutting up a typical diamond shaped bicycle frame into its individual tubes and components so that you can re-use these parts in your own designs. A diamond frame is made up of a front and rear triangle, forming a diamond shape. The round...
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    Build your own wheels.

    This tutorial will show you how to remove all of the spokes in a wheel and then reinstall them in the common 3-cross lacing pattern. This tutorial will also demonstrate some of the techniques used to true the wheel after it has been put back together. To follow along, you will need a wheel of...
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    StreetFighter Steering

    All bearings used are just the head tube bearings that came from the parts salvaged. Here are some tuts, including several on head tubes and bearings... Cheers, Brad
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    Would these Wheels Work

    They look like decent rims, and you could supply your own bolt, similar to the way the Warrior front rim mounting is done. Brad
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    what jobs are we getting done due to lockdown - no necessarily bike related

    Not really because of lockdown (kind of the opposite considering my hospital IT day job), but more for my sanity! I am creating a massive multi-channel synthesizer using only parts (digital logic ICs) available in 1979. It will be as powerful as the 1979 Fairlight CMI, the system that spawned my...
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    The web site is not working right

    All fixed now! I was on the road for work and didn't notice it until tonight. Brad
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    Fishmouth Cutting Tutorial.
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    Electric Warrior tip

    Excellent build, thanks for the pic!
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    Others bikes throughout the world•DIY Freakshow

    Thanks for keeping this going! Much inspiration here. Brad
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    Is the Deltawolf fast?

    DeltaWolf was the fastest of all trikes I have built so far. Tomahawk, the fastest 2 wheeler. Of course, an a athletic cyclist would kick my ass on a rusty kids bike no mater what I was riding, so the real answer might be... Any bike you ride will be as "fast" as your organic engine can make it...