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    Ok. Time for me to quit messing and get rid of my delta. It is rideable but I simply not going to go any farther with it. Email for pics.
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    Spokane Wa, Delta-Timber Wolf - $100

    UPDATE: : : : : : : : The day I posted started this thread I had just gotten home from having another heart attack. I was feeling low, mad, p-offed, etc. Since that post I have had time to reassess, to re-think. I actually am in a good mind set now and am back on the bike project. I actually...
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    Spokane Wa, Delta-Timber Wolf - $100

    Hi, After a way to long build my body has informed me that I can no longer peddle a recumbent bike. Mine started as a Delta Wolf - I was no longer able to get out of the seat. Converted to a Timber Wolf. But.... If your interested, $100 covers means that I don't have to tell my wife that I...